Workshop mit Marko Pogacnik




12. bis 14. Mai 2023



Marko believes Israel has a central role in the healing of our planet and has been coming to to lead workshops for many years all over Isarel. A small group of dedicated people have gathered around him.


This year we are very happy to receive him back after a break of a few years to a workshop in the center of Jerusalem.


The name of the city "Yerushalim" indicates that this is a place where world peace can be maintained. The workshop intends to explore where those powerful sources of peace are and how they can be activated to help bring peace as recorded by the ancient myths as " paradise".


During the workshop, Pogacnik will lead the group between different sites around the city where we will work as a group combining movement, meditation, working with dreams and connection with the spiritual world.

We feel it would be of great significance if people from around the world would join and support this important work in this special and troubled land in these critical time.


The workshop is initiated this time by Muslala an beautiful social initiative in the heart of Jerusalem, that will support the sleeping arrangements and meals of the participants.


We usually experience in these workshops a very unique weaving of a group space that supports and allows this work.


Please contact Gilad Alon:
for more information and enrolment.
with much love,
Gilad & Orit